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    I feel very body positive today

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  5. No - Subhumans The Day The Country Died


    No I don’t believe in Jesus Christ
    My mother died of cancer when I was 5
    No I don’t believe in religion
    I was forced to go to church, I wasn’t told why
    No I don’t believe in the police force
    Police brutality isn’t a dream
    No I don’t believe in the system
    Cos Nothing it does makes sense to me
    Don’t worry you’ll get over it
    You’ll grow up, you’ll calm down
    Another youth, another fashion
    You’ll get over it, you’ll calm down
    You don’t really mean what you say
    You’ve had too much to drink
    Don’t be so full of hatred
    It’s not as bad as you think
    No I don’t believe in what you say
    You’re just part of what I despise
    Yes you’re part of the fucking system
    I ain’t blind, I can see your lies
    Cos the system thrives on ignorance
    What the public don’t know, they can’t reject
    In the face of you all I stand defiant
    The rest of the people, they wanna forget

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